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About This Site
Due to the growth of gang membership nationally and as a preventative measure, the Laredo Texas Anti-Gang Center has created this website to educate the public about criminal gangs and provide a way for residents to report tips to thwart the potential threat.  This initiative has been designed to help keep our neighborhoods and families safe from gangs and the related violence they bring.  

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Wanted criminals can be dangerous, therefore never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself. Always contact law enforcement for assistance. 

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Wanted gang criminals can be dangerous, therefore never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself. Always contact law enforcement for assistance.

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The Gang Threat

Gangs are morphing, multiplying, migrating and entrenching themselves in our inner cities, suburbs and rural communities.  They are selling drugs to our kids, shooting up our neighborhoods, invading our homes, robbing our banks and stores, stealing our identities, our money, and instilling fear and violence everywhere they go.

What is Being Done

Gang-related crimes typically fall within the jurisdiction of state and local law enforcement.  In response to the growth in gang membership nationally, several federal, state, and local agencies have joined forces and created the Stop Laredo Gangs.

What to Report

Tips on illegal drug activity to include sales, trafficking and drug houses. 
Tips on Wanted Gang Fugitives.

Under The Influence?
Warning Signs
Signs that let you know whether or not someone you know might be using drugs. 
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So You Think You Want To Join A Gang?

If you think joining a gang is a good idea, you need to learn how gangs affect every aspect of your life.