Laredo Texas Area Gangs Information
Signs, & Symbols Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list
Gang Names Street
Signs & Symbols
Cartel del Noreste (CDN) (organized crime – Mexican Cartel)         x C.D.N in acronym or “Cartel Del Noreste” text in clothing, photos, or tattoos.
Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos (HPL)         x Gun in the waist area type of tattoo is symbolic of HPL. Small guns on the hands in between thumb and point finger also are indicative of HPL.
Latin Kings x     x x A 5 point crown is known as the icon based tattoo for the Latin Kings. As well as the letters “L” and “K” with a crown.
Mexican Mafia (Texas)   x   x   13- M= 13th letter of alphabet or Mexican Flag Tattoos. *Note- The 13 used by the Surenos and MS 13 is an homage to La Eme.
Paisa x     x   An eagle-like symbol or tattoo is indicative of a Paisa gang member.
Partido Revolucionario (PRM) x     x   Acronym of “PRM” for the gang name or the Mexican Sigil from the Mexican Flag.
Siete Viejo (local street gang) x         Numerical value of 7 with a letter “V” overlapping is indicative of Siete Viejo.
Sureño 13 x         Text of “SUR” or “SUREÑO” along with the numerical value of 13 is indicative of Sureño gang member.
Tangos x x   x   Tango Blast
Texas Syndicate (TS)   x   x   A “T” and “S” intertwined in a way with horns are symbolic of TX Syndicate gang member.